How a high traffic makes crypto projects successful?

Business has to accumulate customers. If a project is promising, people will be interested in visiting its website, at least because of the natural curiosity. Investors know that, and the target audience do. That is why the popularity often becomes one of the crucial things for new coins and exchanges.

What is crypto traffic?

In terms of internet marketing, traffic is an amount of visitors of a website for a certain period of time. It does not necessarily have to be registered users or customers. Sometimes, it is just curious people, who want to learn more about your project.

This might seem illogical. Why should a project attract audience that does not bring any income? The answer is simple – it makes the project better known. In addition, a certain percentage of traffic will get into the sales funnel after the first acquaintance with the company. Therefore, with the popularity, increases the number of potential clients and investors.

How to get a high crypto traffic?

First, it always requires a certain promotion budget to get people to visit a website. Getting them to opt in is much more expensive, but this is another question. The premiere problem is to attract an audience to the website, and there are four main ways to accomplish that.

Referral traffic

Referral traffic includes visitors who came from other websites via links. These can be both natural links and links from paid posts or articles. The quality of natural referral traffic is extremely difficult to control, because anyone can put a link on a forum or on his website.

The presence and proportion of referral traffic is an indicator of site activity for search engines. The fact that the site is actively disseminating information about itself on the network or is recommended by other users is significant in promotion.

Social media traffic

Social media traffic is the result of SMM activities. Social Media Marketing is a policy of using social media as channels for promotion. Social media turns into a channel if you create truly useful and engaging content. The content will become “viral” only is people share it. SMM is a great way to create traffic, especially for ICO and exchanges. Sharing and spreading is the main purpose of social platforms. It can be a very powerful tool, if used wisely.


Search traffic is the number of real visitors that go to your website using the links from the search results. The user enters a query into the search engine for a particular issue and, according to the search results, gets to the website he needs.

Many factors affect the position of the website in a search result. The only way to get to the first page naturally is SEO optimization. This is a complex work and it is going to take time. Sometimes it is much more effective to pay search systems for ads.

Direct traffic

Direct traffic consists of visitors who know exactly what they want and have been on the website more than once. Usually, such people either type the address of the web resource on their own in the browser line or use bookmarks (favorites folder for instance).

Direct traffic is the highest quality pure targeted traffic, since all visitors are interested in the content of the website they are going to visit. That is why it usually comes from regular customers.


It is not easy to estimate popularity and success. In case of crypto and any financial projects, the main factor of success is money. However, there is a problem – companies do not usually wish to publish their income, whether it is big or not. Therefore, from the customers’ point of view, the traffic and the interest from people often becomes the only one thing that differs fraud projects and successful companies.